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i have ben wanting to make my own tortillia press . I have a lot of people in my family and thought a press would be handy but have no idea as to where to get one. i have only seen them at don poblos resturant. i need another gadget in my kitchen likei need another hole in my head but i just can't help myself. please help


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i bought my husband a tortilla press for christmas. i can't remember the site i bought it from but if you go to a search engine ( and type in tortilla press or tortilla maker, you will have a good start. there are electric ones which i read bad reviews about and then there are the old fashioned manual ones. they are less than $20. check ebay, too. we had to wrap plastic wrap around ours and secure it with duct tape (that was my hubbies idea:) to keep the tortillas from sticking. i don't think you're supposed to put the press on the stove. you'll need a cast iron tortilla pan to heat them up on on. make sure you buy some maseca to make corn or "maize" tortillas - they are particularly yummy fresh off the pan.

happy hunting!


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If you have a latin grocer around, they usually have them inexpensively. That's where I got mine.

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I bought mine online. I just did a search and picked one that looked good. I think I paid about $10 for mine. I used it twice and now it takes up room in my kitchen. This is one gadget I wish I did not get. If you think you will use it though, it will be invaluable.
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