Toque D'or Competition

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Hi i am at culinary school and i am trying out for the Toque D'or team and i am going to be given a mystery box type challenge to create 1 salmon entree and 1 beef main, could anybody help me with ideas on what to cook.

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How are we suppose to know? 

Its a mystery box, so in other words everything we list would be hypothetical...

Is there anything you know thats in the box aside from the proteins??
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Hi, im not really sure sorry, but i would assume Autumn and Winter vegetables; beetroots, radish,spinach cauliflower, cabbage, potato, sweet potatoes etc.. 

Also cream, wine, vinegar's.

Hypothetical ideas would still be welcomed.

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If you know you have salmon and beef, decide how you want to prepare them with 2 or 3 alternate ideas.

Then have a list of possible starches and their preparations that fall under the same category.

Same with veg and sauce, garnish etc.

For instance, for root veg, think of a preparation that would work for most root veg.

Organize your preparations to keep all of the variables from rolling around in your head too much.
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