Top round beef serving advice

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I have a 25 pounds of top round beef. This is the first time I'm doing a top round beef. Im planning to roast it in the oven. The thing is I don't have a slicing machine. Any advice on the best way to serve this? Im also planning to serve it with roasted baby potatoes.
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I have served Top Round Roasts on buffets for many years. The first thing I told my carvers was, slice it thin. Top Round is a great tasting piece of meat but it needs to be sliced thin. I use it for French dips, hot beef sandwiches, Roast beef dinners and roast beef sandwiches. The only way it can be sliced thin is by having it in smaller pieces. It's hard to slice a thin slice off of a large girth piece of round.. You can serve the dinner using the large roast then cut the roast in 1/4's for easy handling.........Good luck........

P.S. I use to poke a long thin knife into the roast and stuff garlic cloves through out. You would not see the cut seam after it was roasted. It would look like the garlic clove was suspended in the roast. People would walk through the line and ask how we got the garlic clove into the roast. Of course we told them we feed or cattle garlic. 
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