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My wife and I loved, loved, loved Emeril's. We went to the original, not NOLA or Delmonico's. Nothing more to say there.

A muffuletta at Central Grocery (though walking in, we felt like we must've been in the wrong place because it didn't look like a place you could sit down and eat, but the "tables" are in the back) is a must and if you like it, buy at least 4 jars of the olive mix. Then, when it's gone, you have to either go back or you can get it FedEx'd to you. I have a link somewhere if anyone needs it. I've had many mufs in my day, but none as good as this. Word of caution, they're huge so plan to share.

We really enjoyed the jazz brunch at Palace Cafe. Bread pudding is divine there.

Sadly, we didn't make it to Brennan's or Prudhomme's restaurant. We considered the Two Sisters (is that the right name?) and passed, then later read not so great things about it.

We thought Cafe du Monde was overrated.

God, I'm jealous. It's been 4 years and I can still taste and smell it all.
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Antoine's is one of the most romantic and tasty places I've ever been in my life. It's easily the best of the old-guard, traditional New Orleans haute cuisine places (the others being Galatoire's - also very very good; Commander's Palace - a little fusty but pretty sensational nonetheless; Brennan's - kind of touristy; the Court of Two Sisters - inconsistent but phenomenal when "on").

Treat yourself to a meal at Antoine's, Tujague's, and Peristyle, if I had to choose three.

Then there are the Emeril places. If you dig Emeril, go ahead and go. For setting's sake, Delmonico is the prettiest. I don't care for NOLA much.

Then there are the nouvelle cuisine places, Peristyle being the best, Cuvee not as good as it used to be but still an interesting menu.

Taqueria Corona on Upper Magazine has the best fish tacos ever.

Do yourself a favor and drive up the river to Lafite's Plantation in Donaldsonville, John Folse's place. It gives the New Orleans old guard a run for its money.

And yes, there's nothing like a Central Grocery muff. Hint: it's not the olive mix that's so tricky, it's that bread. Sooo dreamy ...
Also give Chicken Box a try. 100 pieces of fried chicken for ten bucks.

I'm kidding about Chicken Box - don't go all the way to New Orleans to eat at Chicken Box. If you see one of those places, you know you've taken an infamous New Orleans wrong turn and have wound up in the wrong neighborhood.

I'm jealous! Have fun in my ex-home. Kiss the city for me.

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