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Anyone see the web site for top chef university. It cost like 199 dollars. top chef contestant show you how to prepare food and culinary skills.
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Now THERE'S a contradiction of terms.  Must be I'm loosing my grip on English, You know, like waaay back when the word "gay" meant jolly and frivolous.

I think--but may be wrong-- that a "University" was a school that taught particular courses which were also taught at other schools with the exact same curriculum.  Thus, a student could take one term of a course in one country or school and the second term in another with no problems. (UNI-versity, UNI -versal, etc.)

A "Top Chef" or a "Top Cook"?  Does the school teach cooking skills, or management skills with the assumption that the student already has good cooking skills?  
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FoodPump           You are like me,'' I remember when a closet was to hang up your clothes , not to come out of"  Oh well times change !

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