Top Chef or Chopped at home.

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Looking for ideas on how to do Top Chef or Chopped type challenges at home. I think it would be fun for my wife and I to cool new meals for the family in this format. We have two toddler boys that would have to eat the meals as well.

Has anyone done something similar?
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We do things like that a lot. But it is a matter of lifestyle than an intentional game. Sometimes we shop for a meal and we weren't complete in our plans, sometimes my wife buys great stuff but "it doesn't go together", and sometimes I do what I call "garbage can cooking" to use up sundry leftovers and bits of veg. It's fun but sometimes doubles the stress of cooking.

If your toddlers aren't too picky then it should work for you. My kids are very open to a variety of cuisines and concepts, with few dislikes, so it has worked for us throughout toddlerhood and well into the teen years.
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As a type of training what we used to do with culinary students was to give them mystery baskets.

Basically it would be one group of students that did the shopping, without knowing for who or what. Then we would rifle through their shoppings putting ingredients together and then ask the other group of students to make a 2-3 course meal out of whatever they got.

It was a lot of fun and really expands the creativity of the students.

If you want to copy this into the home use one option would be, that once a week (or twice) you or your wife goes shopping. Be sure that you have a rough idea for a few recipes in mind.

Then, when you get home, present the shopping to your partner and they need to make a meal out of it.

You can a) see how close you are in terms of recipe creation and b) have a little challenge in your own house.
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We haven´t. It is a very good idea for everyone in the family to participate. Thanks./img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif  
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