Top Chef Episode 11 who's next?


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Alright who do you think is going this week? I am going to take a leap and say that Jen is going to go. It should probably be Robin but I think Jen has had enough.
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i like jennifer, i think she might be done though. i agree robin should go, how many times can she sneak past the judges?? jennifer clearly is more talented, but like i said i think she might be ready to pack it in. at the end of the last episode it looked like she was spent....
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I'm going to say Robin. She has just used up her nine lives. OTOH I agree with every one else about Jen. I had expected a lot more from her. She didn't really cook a lot (ceviche how many times?) and her plates at restaurant wars were sad. Having said that I would bet the schedule is rough and Jen was sick on one of the earlier shows.
I'd still eat her food.
With others I often wonder how they even got there. A good example is Eve. I'm sure she's a very nice person but she was way out of her element. Like a deer in the head lights and almost clipping Jen with a knife as she walked by at the catering challenge.


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Boy, I would love to see Robin go - been waiting for weeks to see that! But I agree, I think Jen has collapsed under the pressure and I wouldn't be surprised to see her go at any time. In fact, I think that she should have been the one to go in Restaurant Wars. It's too bad as I pegged her as potentially one of the finalist, early in the season.


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I respectfully disagree. Jen is a very good chef. However, she's not handling the stress, pressure, whatever, very well. She may be the next to go, but it won't be due to a lack of talent.
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I like Jen , but she has alot of problems. She isn't ready for that kind of success.
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