Top 3 fave protiens/starch combos and wine pairings

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Pan seared Halibut and Israeli couscous with herb butter - paired with Sauvignon Blanc.

Braised Lamb shoulder and Greek potatoes - paired with Tsantali red.

Hanger steak and triple cook french fries - tough wine pairing... So I'm gonna go for a brut sparkling wine. Of course an ale or a lager would be acceptable too....
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Fried eggs with hand-cut-olive oil-pan fried fries served with Coca Cola.

Roast pork kondosouvli with lemon roasted (Greek style) potatoes and retsina

Prime rib au jus with pommes purée and a beautiful red. I'm not picky about drinks.
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Does Champagne count?

French toast with orange zest and Grand Marnier in the egg, homesmoked bacon (hickory) and mimosa or Bellini, depending on what is in the fridge.

Ribeye on the grill, boy scout potatoes, shiraz.

Chicken alfredo and a crisp white.

I love a good Riesling, but for some reason I prefer it alone.
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I'll bite....

Toast aux Champignon  Dry Reisling

Coq au Vin  Either a full bodied Bourgogne or Sauvignon Blanc

Nigiri Sushi  A beautiful floral Viognier or Sake

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