Tonkotsu Ramen Broth...something went wrong

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A..related story of my own. Just visited a ramen shop, now this one seems to be an authentic one. Their soup is so rich and creamy, I ordered a miso one and it' My stomach just cried a little.

They also have tonkotsu but it's sold out D: due to shipping problems. But there it's said that the soup was simmered over 3 days?

I'm happy and full.
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Interesting, I've found that Hong Kong interpretation of western food is similar in spirit to Washoku, though probably with a more British slant. My aunt makes spaghetti sauce with ketchup, have macaroni in broth and PB stuffed french toast for afternoon "tea" and our recipe for "portugese chicken" is it being baked in a yellow curry and coconut sauce.
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"Wife asked if I had Jesus come and make it for me"


As if Jesus would have anything to do with pork preparation, cooking and eating.

Too funny!
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Sorry not super experienced, but I find that when I cook with pig trotters etc (generally anything with pork skin from the leg area..) you need to scrub the skin VERY thoroughly before cooking with salt and the edge of a knife to ensure you remove all the stickiness and dirtiness. Then wash off the salt with water. Then proceed as you did, ie. with an initial parboil first, starting from cold water so all the impurities rise up and then discard that water. Should not be stinky after that. If all else fails, I find ginger helps take care of the fragrance. Hope that helps!
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Before you blanch the pork bones, try soaking them in several changes of cold water overnight to draw out blood, much like how you would prepare sweetbreads. And when you blanch them, I think you should do it on low to med heat. Looking at the amount of bones you used, I think it should take anywhere between half an hour to an hour (definitely more than 3 minutes) to bring the water to boil. Last but not the least, I'd definitely brown or even char the onions. Take a look at this:
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You are missing the most important ingredient
MSG! I know a lot of people are against this but all japanese know, if you don't use MSG in it, you shouldn't call it ramen. It will hide the smell and give it the umami flavor. All major top ramen places use it and ramen doesn't taste good without it.
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