Tone down that grassy taste!!

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I made the following recipe tonight.

I assume it is okay to use hyperlinks in this group.

It was pretty good but I have the following questions.

1.  It had a very grassy taste and called for 1 cup flat parsley, I used Italian, maybe I put in too much?  How do you tone down a grassy taste?

2.  Do you use the fat on proscuitto, I thought for $20 per lb. every single bit should be used.  The fat was not exciting though.

3.  It would be hard to find a sub for the thyme I suppose, I wonder how long I can save it?

I had squash at the buffet at the Ameristar casino in Blackhawk Colorado last night and it is on sale now at Sprouts.  It the fresh herbs that cost alot but for the adventure and fun of good cooking I will pay a little.

I want to do more with squash and zuchinni.

I have not posted for a while but like you folks, you have always been so nice.

Civilized too!


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The grassy taste may have come from the tarragon.  It is a strongly flavored herb, not to everyone's liking, easy to over do.  Did you use fresh leaves or dried?

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Kevin, my guess is that you nailed it. A cup of parsley seems like a bunch, particularly as it's just being used to make a green sauce.

The little bit of fresh tarragon shouldn't be grassy. It's more of a licoricey flavor, sort of like anise. Seems to me there's just enough of it to perk things up without being overpowering.

On all cured pig products it's the fat that, in theory, provides the flavor. But I'm like you, and find proscuitto fat uninspiring at best. But I leave it on anyway, more for the mouthfeel than for any flavor.
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Hard to say I suppose because I did double up on the tarragon.  I put it on the veggies and also in the herb sauce by mistake.  This dish was really fun though and a first of its kind for us.  I like the way the squash fills you up.  I will be researching the expensive items in this recipe and see how I can cut the cost without losing too much flavor.

A lb. of scallops ran $12.47, prosuitto $5.99, chives $1.69 (used all), squash/zuchinni $1.97, parsley $.44, tarrragon $1.69, Thyme $1.69.  I still have tarragon, parsley and thyme, prosuitto but as well all know Thyme Wait for No One.

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