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 anyone got any summer tomatoes yet? geez, sure seems like they are taking their sweet time, or perhaps i' just over anxious...i'm absolutely jonesing for a tomato about you kyh? you got any? 

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You asking me to brag, Joey, or to share? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lookaround.gif

Mine have just reached the breaker stage. But I got them in late. I reckon it'll be a couple of weeks yet, and then I'll be covered up.

Only growing three varieties this year; Brandt's Old German Pink; DePinto; and Old Kentucky. The Brandt's is a mid-season, Old Kentucky late season, and DePinto normally earlyish, but not really an early ripener.

Friends in the area have had ripe ones for more than 2 weeks, though.

Some of the commerical growers have started using high tunnels, with the result that they've had ripe ones at some farmers markets as far back as late May. 
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1 oddball ripe roma and tons of green. I didn't get tomatoes in until Memorial weekend.
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