Tomato party

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This year I was careful and I we didn't end up surrounded by armed special forces in our bedroom... as it happened last year... if you remember :D

I am talking about my adventures with tomatos from my garden!

After a frantic harvest, their season is almost over because we have experienced a very rainy August and September! In Athens, it rains every day!

So, this week-end we have decided to organise a tomato - party and to bake bread and lamb in our brick-oven in our garden!

We plan to offer to our friends a small basket, containing a linen bag with dried tomatos. A bottle of tomato paste and... I am seriously thinking to prepare some of Shoom's tomato marmalade.

Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance. I want to remind you that I stepped by Chef Talk last year when I was looking a nice recipe for sun-dried tomatos. In a way... I owe it to tomatos :)
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Vivian, is there some way to make tomatoes into a spoon sweet? I know it's a sign of hospitality in Greece, but I'm not sure they'd work. But it would be a nice touch for your party.

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