Tomato Fest

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OOOOH, CC, wish I could - tomatoes and Julia - can't think of a better combination!

Am I the only one who thinks tomatoes are sexy? All those pics of luscious, ripe, round - okay I'll stop!

On a more serious note, I can't find any local farmer's markets here in central Jersey who are growing the heirloom varieties; maybe one or two (I've seen Brandywines, and Cherokees); I'd love to order a sampling - anyone know any online sources for a basket? I know Diamond Organics does, but just wonder if there are any others.

It's almost time for those stand-over-the'sink-and-eat-'em tomato and mayo sandwiches on white bread!!!!
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OMG, CC - This is wonderful! And on the east coast so I don't have to pay those outrageous shipping costs! I may do serious damage here!!
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Went to the farmers market last night and man , well you could just smell the fresh picked vine ripened tomatoes and they were a magnet to me . Fresh marinara and salsa are on the menu this week . Some people think we are wierd to be turned on by such fresh produce but they know not what they miss .
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I had some tomato in my salad last night and on my sandwich today. Does that count for anything?:D
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Mmmmm! Think it's time for some insalata caprese! Now where's that last drizzle of Romeu EVOO I'm saving?
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Hi marmalady,

At chef2chef, they just put together a list of farmers' markets across the country. As far as completeness, I couldn't tell you. I know it has gotten all the farmers' markets around me in upstate NY including ones I had no idea about. Maybe you'll find one in NJ. Here's the link:
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Thanks, for the site, chefgbs - unfortunately, the ones there are in NJ are quite a schlep for me! I live in 'AT&T' country - none of those people even know what an heirloom tomato is, let alone what to do with it!
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