tojiro f-507, hiromoto tj-40as or hiromoto tj-40g3??

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im looking to buy a new santoku knife, im new to japanese knife, im not a chef just an occasional cook who prefers a santoku, currently undecided between these for price the hiromoto is $83, $75 @ JCK, and the tojiro is $79 @ chefknivestogo..therefor they the same or close..i really want one thats razor SHARP, and thats gonna hold that edge the longest??. i would also like one that looks good on the kitchen..thank you for your imput btw the tojiro is damascus and the hiromoto are not, not sure if that matters.. 
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ALL knives get dull and have to be sharpened!

IMHO, if you cannot sharpen or have access to someone who can sharpen, whatever you buy WILL get dull, some sooner than others.

BTW, a "steel" or "hone" is NOT used to sharpen.
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