Togiharu G-1 bolster - is this ok..?

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It's not actually on the bolster, but just in front of it on the blade's spine; and doesn't seem to be "mashed," but rather poorly made or perhaps chipped.  Since it's located where your index finger would wrap over the blade using a standard pinch grip, it's a big problem.  Korin should replace it. 

When you get your new knife, you may want to "ease" (round over) the edges of the spine with sandpaper.  It will make using it a lot more comfortable. 

As it is, the missing piece appears to be too deep to be sanded or buffed out -- at least from your picture.  Another reason to demand replacement.

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thanks for the advice BDL

i'll contact Korin France and see what they can do. will let you know.
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