Tofu Snafu

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Made a tofu omelet thinking the tofu would adopt the spices I added. Wrong! The egg did, but the tofu refused. Any tofu pro's out there who understand the nature of the curd?


You've got to marinate the tofu, as it won't have enough time to take on any of the flavors of the other ingredients as it cooks.

For an omelet, I'd cube the tofu the night before and put it in a sealed plastic bag with crushed garlic, basil and a dash of soy and balsamic.
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I've found that it also helps to get some of the moisture out of the tofu before marinating.  That is if you're using firmer tofu.  The way I do it is I set the tofu between some paper towels or clean rags and place a very light weight on top, just to help push out some of the liquids.  After a good 5 or so minutes, throw it in the marinade, and you're made in the shade.

Bon appetit!

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Tofu is literally a sponge.

As described above, it's best to press out the excess moisture then marinate it.

If you need to press a large amount because you're serving a lot, then use this method.

Take a hotel pan and put a steam(perforated) insert in it, line the insert with paper towels, place all your tofu in it.

Then place another layer of paper towels over top of the tofu. Then place another hotel pan on top and place some type of weight, I use #10 cans of beans or tomato sauce or whatever you have.

Leave this for at least an hour, then cut it to cooking size and marinate them bitches

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