toffee powder a 15kg need to make something with it (expiry after 1 month)

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hello dear friends,

i m in saudi arabia ,new in here ,i am a chef and purchasing manager in a medium size company.

i have a problem that my pastry chef dont have any idea of what to do with 15 kg of toffee powder that has an expiry date after one month (31/03/2017)

 can anyone advice of any recipe to do for take out only,because it s a central kitchen to deliver to drive thought coffee shops in ksa.

so all items shall be for take out purposes .no dine in.

needed recipe for using toffee powder 15kg in 40 days


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Wow.....that's a lot of toffee powder! 

I have never used such a thing in a pastry kitchen though. The only toffee powder that I know of here in the US is the kind of powder you would add to coffee or use it as part of a mix to make smoothies.

Maybe since you're in Saudi, toffee powder there is a different thing. I don't know. 

Let's say the toffee powder in question actually is the same kind of thing you find here in the US. If that's the case, and you say you deliver to various coffee shops, why not package it up in smaller portions and sell it to the coffee shops to use in their coffees, smoothies or Italian Sodas?

If they are unsure how to use it, just tell them they can offer a coffee toffee latte for instance. 

Also to address the expiration date (which is actually a sell-by) date, I wouldn't worry too much about it since powders are pretty shelf stable. 

I'd give it a good inspection though since I don't know under what kind of conditions it's been stored.

If this doesn't help solve your issue, please let us know more about this toffee powder.....maybe you could take a picture of the label?
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I agree with @chefpeon, it is likely a powder that you might make a coffee drink with by adding hot water or hot milk.  It could be a featured flavor available only for a limited time - that will help make it a "must try" type of beverage, with some mystery so people will want to try it and then when all the powder is gone, your problem is solved :) and people will be left to wonder what your next wonderful flavor will be!

You could add the powder to a recipe - such as a hand rolled chocolate truffle, or american style cheesecake but you will have to experiment with dosage because this toffee powder could have a lot of sugar in it; but if it is intended to be diluted in a drink (for example) then it is going to be somewhat concentrated.  It will be harder to use it up this way, as well.
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      Is that an expiry date, a sell by date or a use by date?  It won't go bad at midnight on that date. So you have more time than that, realistically. 

     You can make custard, ice cream, or granite or panna cotta. Develop the recipe and as Chefpeon suggested, package in smaller amounts and send to the other shops with the recipe. 
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