Today's USA Today! Incredible press

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Front Page Story on Personal Chef's and personal chef industry. My telephone will be ringing off the hook! I am so excited.
On March 18th the Food Network is doing a whole hour show on Personal Chefs. I believe I will be on camera (probably for all of thirty seconds!) since I was at the school while they filmed.

anyone interested in becoming a personal chef email me at [email protected]
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Congrats~ we can probably deleve more into common issues with PCS now that there will be so many more of us.
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Congratulations and good luck! Now if I could just get my cable company to carry Food Network on the non-digital service, I could watch.


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That's great Mark. Wish I could watch it.

Mezzaluna I have the same problem. Food Network is only available with the digital TV option. No way I'll pay over 50$ a month to watch TV.
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