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HI Steven, thanks for coming and answering our BBQ questions. I raise my own Black Angus cows, we also raise our own pigs. I get my cows processed USDA so I can use the meat in my Cafe. I also raise my own because I don't like the 10 minute hang time in the processing plants, (I hang mine for 18 to 21 days). What is your feeling on the quality of today's beef ??? do you think a home dry aging would help get some age and tenderness  ????? ......Another question is, I like grilling my steaks over a very high heat, I want a good crust on the outside and a tender and juicy inside. What are some of your favorite spices to use when grilling a steak on the Grill...............Thanks for your advice............Chef Bill
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Hi, Chef. Kudos to you for intrinsically being one of the "locals" we all want to buy from. My personal belief is that peoples' consciousness has been raised, and that we all want--within economic reason, of course--to be able to buy humanely raised, grass-fed beef. I'm no farmer. I've spent most of my life in cities--Baltimore, Boston, and Miami. I think, unfortunately, that most people are obligated for various reasons (mostly economic) to buy their meat from supermarkets. Anything we can do to raise that quality level is something I would support. As far as home aging is concerned, I think that is something that should be left to professionals as the conditions have to be precise, and vigorously controlled. (Also, there is a lot of waste...something I'm not comfortable with.) Provocative question. Wonder what others think?
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Hi Chef.

The meat we get today I believe is a far cry from yesterday year. The Government over the last 20 years has lowered the standards on grading twice that I know of. Bar B Q as such I feel can help this boxed stuff that they call meat. What is your opinion. I would also like to know if you have ever heard of a Diet Bar B Q Sauce?
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It's difficult for a consumer to buy good-quality meat, and your post--that quality standards have been lowered twice--is disturbing. It sounds like you have your ear closer to the ground than I do. If you can change the tide, then more power to you. And no, I have never heard of a diet barbecue sauce. 

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