today is my first day at becoming an adult student again

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:rolleyes::smiles::rolleyes:Come on ladies!! We are NOT old, grannie types (some may be grandmothers or nana's- or like me a mother of 2 young kids-Samm is almost 2) Point being we are the same age. 40 is the new 30- 50 is the new 40 and so on....:lol: But we ARE all tired and overworked and feel we were old enough to retire!!!!!!:rolleyes:


Tessa, Congrats!! Learning is good for the soul!(& brain!) Sure hope you feel better soon!
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I find it very fun. It's amazing how much fun something can be when you choose to do it. Being 47 I went through the OMG I'll be the old man hehehehe NOT. I love it :smiles:

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its so cool to see how many of us older students there are out there way to go phoenix good on you , in my class there is myself and a lovely korean lady who would be in the 40+ age group all the rest of the students would be between 18and 29
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