Today is my 10 year anniversary


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I like to do things in tens.

10 years ago I:
  • Started ChefTalk (give or take a few)
  • Left the kitchen and started working in computers
  • Bought my first house
  • Married my sweet wife (who happens to also be a 10)
Today the weather is beautiful, my lovely wife is having a spa day as a type. A dozen roses and a card await her when I pick her up and later we are going out to dinner.. 

It takes work but marriage really does make you a better person if you are will and open to change. I am thankful for such a wonderful wife who is patient and helps me grow and become a better person every day. 

Thanks for letting me share with all my ChefTalk friends.
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How wonderful!  Enjoy a wonderful evening and my best wishes for many more. /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif

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One smile for every year.
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Nicko 10 years or so ago you started Cheftalk, 10 years or so ago I joined Cheftalk, and met some wonderful people including my buddy 5 posts prior. So happy anniversary to all of us and thanks for forum, the friends and the coffee cup you gave me that I still use daily!  Yiamas !!!  

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