Toba Garrett

Joined Nov 10, 2000
She does fabulous stuff.
Got a autographed book from her, after attending one of her classes.
Can't wait to see her new book.
Joined Mar 6, 2001
URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I changed the channel when he comes on, DARN! Why didn't you call me Kevin?!

I have her cookie book. I have mixed emotions on it, but I've hear others mention her upcoming new book, can't wait to get a peek.

So what cool things did she do?
Joined Oct 9, 2002
You know, I only caught the last 15 minutes of the show myself. Towards the end though, she showcased a few of her cakes which looked rather impressive.

I keep checking the foodtv site for a repeat of the show...of course none yet. I'll post here when it's on next!
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