Toast or Crostini Ahead

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When making toast or a crostini for say avocado toast or some other spread for a large party (200+ people) what would be the best method to prep ahead of time? Can the bread be toasted a day before and stored in a container and retain it's freshness and not be too hard or chewy?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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My quick answer is to leave the bread slicing to the day of. All else can be done in advance.
Bread/canapes/crostini are tricky things depending on what you want to end up with.
you can certainly toast ahead of time if you want a crisp base at serving time. Kept in an airtight container they will be fine overnight.But if you want a softer center for the base/bread, then the safest way is to prepare all else and slice the bread the day of. Hopefully one of the experienced caterers here will jump in and offer a good tip or two otherwise.
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I usually slice the bread the day before and wrap in plastic as part of prep.
The day of I place on pans, brush with olive oil or butter, then toast.

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