Toast and Scrambled Eggs: 30 covers Sous vide?

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This is a cool idea! Take a soft boiled egg and place it inside a savory muffin. It's from Craftsman and Wolaes in San Francisco. You cook the egg for 6 minutes so it's firm enough to peel then you make a batter and place the egg inside the batter and bake the muffin.......


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Hello All,
We did our truffled duck menu last week, and it went great! Per the many suggestions we mixed the eggs an hour before service, and then just scrambled them in batches, with a glug of cream to stop them cooking (and make them even more rich).

For the record, we put 2 Himalayan and 1 winter black truffle in an air-tight container with 25 unshelled raw duck eggs and two chicken eggs for five days. (1 duck egg = 2 chicken eggs by weight, with a higher yolk to white ratio). The truffle aroma thoroughly infused into the egg.
As a test, we took out the chicken eggs at day 4 and mixed. We scrambled one immediately, and stored the other in a zip-lock overnight. The truffle flavor had significantly decreased after overnight storage. (which is why mixed the duck eggs just before service).
Another observation was that you really need to sniff each truffle before purchase, otherwise you might end up with an expensive ball of wood!
For the truffle shaving up-sell there were too many simultaneous covers to shave individually for each diner. I ended up shaving each portion into a ramekin just before scrambling the eggs and distributing those. The sight and smell of that led to 15 purchases.

Thanks again for all of the advice!
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