"Toad Sweat"

Joined Apr 19, 2001
Toad Sweat is an amaaaazing dessert hot sauce, for ice cream or brownies, or whatever. Suzanne & I tasted some at the FFS last month, and our eyes popped at the wonderful flavors. I had the chocolate orange; first hit with the chocolate, then the orange and sweet, then just a hint of hotness. Wow!

After doing a local search of the 'gourmet' shops here and not finding any, I found this source for mail order, for all you adventurous types!

Joined May 26, 2001
Thanks for reminding me about it, Marm. That stuff was FABULOUS! Of course, you have to like hot stuff -- although the lemon vanilla was not that fiery. But the Key Lime-Habanero? AH-HOOO-AH!! :eek: :eek: :D

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