To our veterans

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I'll add my thanks and admiration for a difficult job undertaken with spirit and determination. My father-in-law, my husband's uncle and my brother all served in the U.S. Army. My father-in-law, an army doctor, arrived in Normandy on D-Day +5; I shiver to think what he encountered. His unit moved on and served at the Battle of the Bulge- also a very difficult assignment. My husband's uncle served just before WWII and was recalled to serve in the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia. My stepfather's brother served in WWII as a tailgunner, defending over Britain. My brother served stateside as a pharmacist from 1968-1970.
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my dad was a navigator on B-52s and B-58s during Vietnam and ws stationed on Guam for a year when I was 5. My ex husband was JAG when we married and was a peace keeper in now a Col in the Army reserves....
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I am sorry to say that Veterans day was always one of those things that I lacked appreciation for until a just few years ago. Even though my grandfather was awarded 2 bronze stars and a sharp shooter medal for rescuing injured men in the Korean war, it was movies like "Saving Private Ryan" which helped me understand that there is a high price to be paid to regain peace and much sacrifice required to maintain freedom.
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