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Discussion in 'Pastries & Baking' started by whip it, Jul 10, 2005.

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    Hey Kyle! It is Isaac! Its been a long while. I finally moved up North and now the chef of a retirement community!

    Anyway... I have a question for you. Can you make enriched breads look like rustic breads? I really like the looks of the rustic sour dough breads but for our use, we need them to be enriched due to peoples abilities to chew.

    So, can you make enriched breads look like rustic type breads with scoring and proofing in the wicker baskets (cant remember the names of them)?

    Also, do you have a good enriched bread recipe?
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    The main difference between most pan breads and rustic breads is the method. Most pan breads are enriched, straight doughs while most rustic breads are lean, preferment doughs.

    Lean doughs bake at much higher temps than enriched doughs. This contributes to their crust development and appearance. You can experiment with different shapes for enriched breads, braids etc.