To Flour or Not to Flour- THAT is my question.

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When making cutlets, I have always floured, egged, breadcrumbed. After watching my friend, who is an excellent cook,  make cutlets without the flour step, I started asking around and it seems the jury is split. Some people use flour and some skip flour. 

I can't seem to taste a difference but it is hard for me to break tradition without some reasoning behind it. Its so much easier to skip the flour and soak all the cutlets in egg so you don't need to dip, dip , dip individually. 

Does anyone know the actual purpose of flouring cutlets before putting them in the egg? 
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The egg needs something to stick to...without that step, your bread crumbs will have a tendency to not adhere well and separate from the meat when cooked or cooking.
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Correct, the purpose of the flour is for the egg to stick to the cutlet. In turn, the egg makes the breading stick to the cutlet.

I've been asking myself the same question you have, spacechef16, and one thing I noticed is that it seems people who skip the flour actually soak the cutlets in the egg for a little while (10-15mn). Maybe soaking in the egg for that long allows the egg to adhere to the meat without the need for flour?
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With or without flour, you get better adhesion if the meat surface is dry. Also the breading will adhere better and set up more solidly if you let the coated cutlets rest 15 - 20 minutes at room temp before cooking.

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French Fries, I think you may be correct about soaking the cutlets in the egg for a while because when I 'tested' out making cutlets without flour, I did do this- although not intentionally! And the breadcrumbs had no problems sticking to the cutlet. Soaking them in a large bowl with the egg, is precisely what makes skipping the flour step such a time saver because you don't need to treat each cutlet individually going flour, egg, breadcrumb. 
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