To fill a waffle

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I would like to know if somebody can give me a definition of
to fill ( a waffle) PLEASE!!!
THanks a lot
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Gosh I find that a confusing question. Could your phrase or English be alittle off?

We fill our waffle irons with batter.
We can stuff a waffle with fillings.
But we usually top a waffle with fillings.

You can fill a waffle with many things, technically, but it's not commonly done. Usually waffles are served hot with butter and syrup.
I've heard of making it into an ice cream sandwich...
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I know you can "fill" crepes or pancakes I guess you could call it. You just take the filling, whether it be fruit compote, salsa or sausages and spoon a small bit of "filling" into the center of the crepe or pancake. Then fold the sides over the filling and flip it over with the folded side resting on the plate. Dust or sprinkle with cinnamon, powdered sugar, whipped cream, salt and pepper or fresh chopped herbs. All depends on what you are filling it with.

Canolis and doughnuts (sp?) are a different matter. It's more like "injecting" with a filling when it comes to these.

Hope I answered this question okay.

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