To Continue a ThemeI have enjoyed reading the posts on Food in the 1950’s

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I have enjoyed reading the posts on Food in the 1950’s

I thought a little history on American Cookbooks would also be of interest.

The history of cookbook publishing in the United states exemplifies the abundance and diversity that characterize American society.

In recent years a flow of cook books numbering in the thousands has steadily issued from American publishing houses. This is in stark contrast to the record of the early years; America came late to cookbook publishing. Although the settlers carried cookbooks with them to the New World and imported cookbooks,
Especially from England, and kept manuscript receipt books, cooks in the original colonies had been preparing food for more than 100 years before the first cookbook was published in America.

Then in 1742 William parks, the printer at Williamsburg, Virginia, published E Smith’s “The Complete Housewife”first issued in London in 1727. During the following half-century, this book and several other English works were reprinted in Boston,New York, and Philadelphia, most notably Susannah Carter’s “The frugal Housewife” 1772 and Richard brigg’s “The New Art of Cookery 1792. When parks printed “The complete Housewife”, he claimed to have made some attempt to reach an American audience far more than another 50years.

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Dear Poirreau

Thanks for this post. I used to think that studying the History of Publishing cooking books in the States is a subject interesting and complicated enough to compose a PhD thesis...
(Think about it ;) )

In one of the famous Symposiums about History of Food in Saint Anthony College in Oxford, 2or 3 years ago someone attempted to record the books piblished i the States form the Collonial Says until 1950 when cooking beging to become fashion.

His attempt was not very succesfull because as you know, to record is one thing, to conclude is another.

I am waiting more more posts on this subject
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Thank you for your interest.

The year 1796 marked the first appearance of a cookbook written for the Americans and adapted to the American way of life;

Amelia Simmon's American cookery...adapted to this Country, and all grades of life.
Although American cookery borrowed heavily from English cookbooks, it's genius was its recongnition and use of American products and practice.

So many firsts and milestones of American cooking appear in this small volume that it has justly been hailed, in it's specialized sphere, as another declaration of American independence.
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