to blanch or not to blanch?

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I want to make a tri colored tortellini salad w/ pesto genovese. I'd like to put broccoli and grape tomatoes in it. Should I blanch the broccoli or chop the broccoli florets really small and keep it raw?  

Any ideas are welcome.

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I would blanch it, it will turn a nicer green color, and easier to eat. ...............Chef Bill
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     I would also do a quick blanch to the broccoli followed by a ice water shock, to set the color.  I would look into adding some small diced sun dried tomato or red pepper and then using regular (white) tortellini to get the colors of Italy in a less obvious way (green, white, red), rather than the tri-colored tortellini (but that's just me).

   Sounds like it'll be great /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

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I agree with blanching. One other thing I sometimes like to do is to saute them (after blanching) for just a moment with a bit of seasoning, just to add the extra flavor. That may or may not work, depending on the rest of the dish. But I think you're spot on with blanching. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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Just curious has anyone ever blanched broccoli than put some in the freezer? I was wondering how it thaws out. Is it like the stuff in the supermarket? I'm not a fan of frozen veg. 
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Oh yes to Blanching
                              I was blanching  Dandilion Greens yesterday and freezing them . Had some for dinner last night with Olive Oil, Sauteed Onions ,Garlic , Lemon Juice and S&P to finish.
                                        I'm going back out to pick some more now that the rain has stopped'll be much easier

Yeah for the Blanching of the Greens's a beautifull thing!

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