To be one of the guys (stoves)

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"Man that guy sure takes his poetic liberties."

Someday I may be one of you great cooks I admire in this group so much.

So call me a brass kisser I respect the art we share.

Will I ever be happy with a slow to adjust flat top, glass top, GE stove. Has anyone got to the level in cooking they ripped out their electric and plumbed in gas?

I suppose you get used to it and tempo your reactions accordingly?

I know how long it takes the oil to heat for my dish and when it will start burning so I instictively (check spelling) start using the additives to cool it down just in the nick of time.

Subpost: (I invented this!)

I dont want to be a post hog but have alot on my mind and want to get the dialog on simmer on the site before early grocery work tomorrow providing quality products to culinary experts such as yourself.

Just came to my mind and very important (to me).

I want to be able to set the timer on my stove precisely at the setting I need for the range top burner or maybe even the oven to be able to have my 1:water 1:milk 1: quinoa breakfast cereal ready and waiting when I arise but they always say bring to boil then simmer. Being of sound constitution I would like to skip the boil, precover, find the right time by trial and error and go with it like clockwork. Is there some bacterial threat I thereby expose myself, not my family, to? There must be some solution.

Thanks for your patience, I have a disorder and need additional leeway.:mullet:
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I know your pain. Using an electric stove sucks. But it has to be lived with. After 6 years of exile from gas, and coping with electric grrrrr I've finally got gas again (that sounds bad :) ) and I couldn't be happier in the kitchen.

Ok, a trick with electric, if something is cooking too fast on the stove top, slide it over to one side so only a part of the pan/pot is exposed to the heat until you can wait for the element to cool down, or if its way too hot, take it completely off the element while you wait for that element to cool. Or just start up another element. Takes longer, soooo slow to react to the controls. hope this helps, I think it was what you were asking.

Yeah they are pretty awkward to use, especially if you are used to gas. I know you'll manage with it, just give it time and a little patience.

P.S. and leave my brass alone :D No judges here.....its a community designed to help. And everyone has something to contribute :)
Lecture over!

Good luck with that electric gizmo
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Thanks, I figured the moving idea myself but it is great to get the feedback.

Net is lonely this time of night.

Say hi to the kangaroos for me.
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Has anyone got to the level in cooking they ripped out their electric and plumbed in gas?

Me, me me!

Done that twice. Well, one + time. In Illinois there already was a gas line, unused. Threw out the electric range and replaced it with gas.

Here in Kentucky I had to have them hook up bottled gas for the stove. Place also had electric, which I 86ed in favor of a gas range.

If you're guessing that I dislike electric cooking, you'd be right.
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BTBRTB = Bring to boil, reduce to simmer in pro-jargon. It's more a speed and timing technique than anything else. Even Jeremiah Tower wants to get the temp up fast, and make sure his simmer is just below the boil -- without having to use a thermometer.

You may or might not be able to get around it on your stovetop, but you certainly can with a crock pot.

Enjoy your gruel,
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was gonna suggest dutch oven or oven safe casserole dish with lid and programmable oven. your quinoa would be ready when you are, sometimes electric doesn't have to suck.
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Skippy says Hi back atcha :bounce: <----see? Look at him go.

Ever thought of the microwave for cooking your breakfast? I use mine for porridge in winter. Works a treat.
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