Tirimisu, egg whites, and cream of tartar

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Don't know if I'd quite call myself a full-fledged pastry chef, but I do make the dessert menu for one of the restaurants I work at. So I apologize if this is in the wrong forum - seemed like the right place for my question.

We make ours by doing a zabaglione with marsala wine. I temper in the mascarpone, and then fold in beaten egg whites. I just line the walls of coffee cups with soaked savoiardi, add the custard on top, and let it set up overnight. I've noticed that the bottoms of the lady fingers become much too wet after sitting overnight, and I suspect it may be the custard breaking a little.

It's not the zabaglione failing. I've made that mistake before, and the result is a very noticeable layer of liquid at the bottom of the mug.

Now I'm wondering if this is because we use egg whites. I was thinking cream of tartar may help this issue as I've read it stabilizes an egg white foam.

What are your thoughts? Would I be straying from tradition with COT?
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Hey Beer,

   What are you soaking your biscuits with. If you have a compound or something like Trablit it's better. Other wise use

espresso. Less h2o.

Also this may sound crazy but when you temper the marscapone you need to get it pretty seperated with a fork and add the mar. to the Zab not the Zab to the mar.

I would also use an unsoaked bisquit on the bottom of the cup.

How many are you making each run. If you have 2x or 3x the formula you might have to cut a white or two.

Just my thoughts

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I soak them with espresso.

For the mascarpone, I'll add it little by little to the zab while the zab is still warm. When it's all mixed in and the custard is cooled a bit, I fold in the egg whites.

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