Tiramisu word origin

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So we all know that tiramisu means “pick me up,” but a temp I was talking to (FOH even), explained to me that it meant it in a different way. Instead of it being an eye lifter, he says the single young ladies in the piazza would eat it as a signal to the young men that they wanted to be “picked up.” He was Sicilian but I don’t know what to think of it.

Can anyone confirm or shed some light?
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I have seen and heard enuf crazy s--t in my life that I don't call BS until I can fact check somewhere besides the internet lol.
Altho my snarky side says the code for a good time is a byproduct of the original "caffeine buzz" nickname.
Thanks for the smile on what started out to be a dreary morning.
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Hehe. It's more literally "pull me up" (tira being the imperative tense; tiri is indicative). This is nothing like how you would say to "pick up" in that sense, in Italian. So, myth busted. :)
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