Tips on cooking for for several days

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Does anyone have tips on cooking food in advance for several days?

I'm cutting back on what I eat and want to cook the meals twice a week, portion them out, and then store.

What is the best way to store the food in this situation? Plastic wrap? Freeze some of it?
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Since there is only hubby, doggie and me, I cook a whole heap of winter soup and stop short of putting all the vegetables in. What I do after cooking the soup/meat base, I just get some containers and portioned them for 3 each container. Then the last base in the pot is the one where I put the vegetables in for dinner (one-pot meals). The rest of the meat base portion do not have the vegetables in them that will go soggy when defrosted. I just get one portion and use that to do anything that I want to for next cooking/heating then add the vegetables.

I bake bread every other day so that completes the meals. I also portioned out the bread dough, cook them halfway through and freeze them and only put out what I will be needing for dinner to finish baking.

.I hope this helps a little bit...:chef:
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