tips for starting out in my first new kitchen

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by uptoolate, Jul 24, 2013.

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    To clarify... The kitchen is established. It's new to me. I took my first and only Chef job at a restaurant I had already previously worked at. I had left for a couple years to work at a better paying country club and then was asked by the owner to come back as the chef. This was great for years, the dream, to lead a crew and have my own menu. Anyhow...the pay never really was that great and I'm leaving to take on a new chef position. The pay will be much better. I'm just starting to have self doubt. It was easy to take over in a kitchen I already knew very well. This new kitchen is the smallest I've ever been in and I must say busier. I did a night with them already and the line setup is a little out of wack without much actual space for improvement. I would really appreciate any tips, advice, and two cents on coming into a new kitchen as a Chef. Thanks for your time.