tips for new cooks.

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    My best advice to u would be to keep ur station clean and stocked. And dont piss off the wait staff there ur eyes on the floor. U keep them on ur side then there more likely to give u a heads up on big tables and less likely to horde orders and wait to punch them in all at once. Another person thats good to befriend is the dish. Think about it its hard to keep up with orders when u have to yell for rounds. Now ur first day will suck, plan and simple, u will mess up and more then likely get yelled at. If u cant take getting yelled at u might as well not even think about being a line cook. And dont get any ideas about changing recipes or anything. U are there to be a machine let the chef come up with recipes and learn to take pain. U will get burned u will get cuts,suck it up and dont be a wimp, shit happens get over it. Now look around you. do u see the men and woman around u, there ur new family, if u show them respect and dont be cocky, show them respect and u might just earn theres. and as far as your social life going down the drain and ruining ur love life. thats bs i love hangging out with ppl from work after close and belive it or not love can be found even in that dark corner of hell known as the kitchen. im a line cook and im with one of our salad girls. our head chef is married to a line cook and another line cook is married to a waiters and trust me it helps being with someone from the same kinda job no one elses will understand y ur so cranky and stressed after slinking home on a saturday night.
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    Be Quiet, Listen and try to be valuable.