Tips for cutting shapes out of a sheet pan

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This weekend I ran a special that was served over grilled polenta, and I struggled a little with cutting it up. Does any one have any tips for cutting shapes out a sheet pan of polenta for mazimum effeciency?
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Hi Chef,

It doesn't really matter what shape you cut it into. Cut whatever shape you want. All those bits and pieces that are left over can be molded together and flattened out to be cut again. The only sure way to use up all your polenta without any trim is to cut squares.
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...or triangles;) .

If the problem is related to getting the cut pieces out of the pan, try lining the bottom with paper, then unmolding the entire pan onto an inverted sheetpan. Peel off the paper, and cut your shapes.
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It could be that your polenta is a little soft. Try cooking it a bit longer or adding a little more polenta to your water. To cut pices out and reheat them in some way, the polenta needs to be reasonably firm.
I agree with momoreg about inverting the polenta on to a chopping board or bench. Makes it a lot easier to pick up the pieces than digging into a deep pan.
Good luck.
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Hi Chef,
this is the way grilled polenta has been always made in my family, and it works great.
As Pollyg said, make your polenta reasonably firm. Pour it, still hot, in a deep round bowl, level with a knife and cool it down. Refrigerate until cold. Unmold the polenta (you don't need to line the bottom with paper) and cut it, vertically, in slices of the required thickness. Cut your shapes out of the slices and they will be perfect. You'll have some leftovers, but considering the low cost of maize flour I don't think this is a problem...

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