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    I realize this was mentioned in the thread about the things that servers do that make me mad but I wanted to make a point of one of those things.

    If I was a business person or some other worker who has a limited time to eat, I can understand when the tickets are timed so that the food comes to the table in a timely manner, but I absolutely detest when the entree is brought out while I'm still enjoying my appetizer. Then, when I ask the server to take it back to the kitchen and remake the plate when I'M ready, I get attitude.

    Franchise restaurants are the most guilty of this, of course, and their training manual reflect this policy, but not in fine dining venues.

    I always say that "fine dining" is an ambiguous term.

    Server:  "We have mostly business people here and our kitchen's policy is to time the tickets."

    Me:  "Aren't you the server, and isn't it your responsibility to watch my table and time my meal accordingly?"

    Server: "I have too many tables to do that."

    Me: Excuse me....but....that's your job isn't it?"


    Waiting tables is a noble profession, but not so much here in America. Here, when you say to a person that you wait tables, they look at you and ask if you are between jobs. The profession is not taken seriously unless you are a top notch restaurant. Then you have to pay for the privilege to eat there. Waiting tables is NOT as easy as everybody seems to think, and therein lies the problem.
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    Couldn't agree more. Waiting tables is an art. Being a food mule is not, unfortunately in America(for a few reasons) the mules outnumber the artist.
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    I'm glad that there are others out there who realize this, but I feel like the masses of diners don't. I'm a server and I feel like I am oftentimes looked down upon or felt sorry for. This is the lifestyle I chose, and I like it. I enjoy working with food and the public, and to effectively serve a table is harder than trying to wait tables at Chili's.