Time for a another knife? Need some help in buying a new knfie

Discussion in 'Cooking Knife Reviews' started by luckxiii, Feb 1, 2012.

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    I work in a professional kitchen at a university, and I recently got bumped to the sushi station (mind you it's college sushi so hardly fancy). I find myself slicing pounds and pounds of Unagi and that currently, my Fujiwara Carbon Gyuto isn't) just cutting it. The Gyuto is 270mm 50/50 beveled 15 degree knife currently sharpened via spyderco sharpmarker (yes I know I need stones) course/med/ultra fine grit and finished on a strop with chromium oxide. I find that although it does a decent job, the rubbery skin of the Unagi if causing quite some problems and I'm not getting that easy clean slice I'm looking for. I'm currently doing a slice into almost a chop motion to separate the skin cleanly which is killer considering I use a pinch grip and the Fuji (although slightly rounded already) isn't the most friendly spine in the world. 

    My question is what I'm looking for to solve my problem a Fujiwara Carbon Sujihiki or should I get CKTG Stone set and work on my current Gyuto , or just get a better gyuto which currently I'm eyeing the Kikuichi TCK?