Tim Tams in America

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I haven't tried them yet but  I see they are available at Target  From the description I can say I would probably love them. Chocolate and malt, yum! Nice with iced coffee I bet.

A little pricey at 3.29 for a 7 oz bag but I wouldn't share them with the grandkids.
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Pepperidge Farms makes a Tim Tam here. Not sure if they're the same. I've had them in bars. You bite off two corners and use it as a straw.

 We were using them with  amaretto Godmothers..Pretty sweet
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They are worth every cent, trust me!  Us Aussies have been onto these for years.  In fact, I watched a program last week that said Aussies eat 2 packets each per year, but I have a feeling it's significantly more than that.  Well, it is in our house anyway, lol.  Maybe they meant per week!

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