Tian recipes (Provence style "Tajines")

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Hellooooo again,

I've just posted a triple veg tian recipe on my site and was wondering if anyone else has ever tried cooking this speciality from the south of France. And if they would care to share the recipes and or experience they had with this style of cooking.

The word tian is apparently derived from the Berbere word tajin and is a braised vegetable stew. The baking dish for tians is made from red clay, they can be glazed or unglazed.

Correct me if I'm wrong but cooking with clay dishes means the heat dispersion is quite perticular to that perticular instrument (a bit like cooking in a cast iron pot).

The tian should give out interesting texture and rich almost "confit" flavours.

Interested in hearing anyone with "inside information" on this one.

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