Thyme dross cuttings


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I have a large area overgrown with lemon and regular thyme. I've been using it as a general ground cover there until the pine and pampas grasses take it over. It's been left alone for three years and I just trimmed it back massively as they had gotten annoyingly woody. I now have a large pile of fragrant thyme wood. Smells fabulous.

Any ideas for using this stuff for grilling or smoking? It's such fine twiggy stuff I fear it will just flash away without imparting the flavor. Should I soak it before use or what?

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Clean the twigs of dirt, soak in tepid water for an hour or so, gather the twigs into bundles, lay them ontop of a sheet of tin foil, place some thinly sliced lemon wheels over the wood, fold like an envolope, perferate the top half of the packet and place it in your grill over the coal rack (with coal of course)

The soaking, foil and lemon wheels will give you enough time to generate a fragrant smoke to enhance your food.
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Same idea also works with basil stems, etc. Any culinary herb that you've harvested for the leaves.I hate to throw away any parts, so I just bundle the up, let them dry in an airy place, and then use them on the grill.Years ago I had an herb shop & brought some in to see if I could sell a few. They went over so well I was making them with the whole herb, leaves & all!
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