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I just made a tarte tatin with peaches. It stayed together nicely and was quite tasty, but a bit too much juice. The abundance of juice diluted the caramel. Needs some work...anyone else tried this?


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Aside from making a tart or pie, in Greece it is common to take the pits of appricots and marinate them in brandy to make an apricot brandy. Cherries are also used.
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Are you making these Brandies at home?


As far as Tart tatin goes i'm an old school guy......I believe in only using apples as they have enough starch to develope a perfect Tatin.

Latley iv'e been grilling peaches and filling them with meyer lemon curd from Kilchen farms and topping em with toasted almonds and eating them with Aulsese.


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I'm trying to get most of my fallen fruit to sprout. The peach tree is old and very different than other peaches. It's on it's last legs and I want a replacement. The picked fruit was sparse. Very dry year and watering restrictions didn't help it.

I had plans for some jam, but that's going to have to wait for some purchased fruit.

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I made peach maramalade which came out a bit loose. I guess I was a little casual about how much 3 cups of peaches was, but it's delicious. Also made jalpeno jelly, blueberry jam, gooseberry rhubarb jam, and if I can score some pint jars tomorrow, I have 4 cups of Concord grape juice waiting to be turned into jelly.
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this week I did a...
Vanilla Marinated Rack of Lamb
with a Minted Peach Compote

Cooked the lamb to temp. Remove from pan, throw in some shallots, toss in half a peeled and dice peach, flame some peach schnapps. Add some chffonade of mint and a pat of butter.

that's all folks
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The peaches I've been getting (from New Jersey, via the Liberty Plaza Greenmarket in lower Manhattan) are so good, they're not around long enough for me to do anything else with them. :lips: But I'm thinking about making peach butter with them, or some other conserve that will keep the fabulous flavor without a lot of spices.


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Yes there are two, the one is the apricot brandy that I mentioned and the other is with sour cherries. I use Metaxa brandy for them. They are small batches, just for the family.

I will send you some.
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Peaches, Necterines, and plums have been prevelant at the market for the past 6 weeks weve got about two Blinis, of course with the white peaches and preseco or champagne.
I made chicken with peaches, ginger, onions, garlic and a pear viniager today ...was good. Peach strudel, I dont care for peach jam . ... more into berry jam I think I mentioned the peach, tarts with chevre and cajeta caramel they were pretty darn tasty. I made a beet, peach, red onions arugula salad with peach dressing today....what else????>>>>> hmmmm.oh yeah plum ginger and balsamic ice cream topping. peach turnovers tooo die pies. Illinois Calhoun county peaches are superior quality...they are drip down your arm FINE>
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My favourites are the Piemontese-style stuffed peaches which recipe I learnt from my Grandma, who was from Turin. They're stuffed with Amaretti and chocolate, cooked in white wine and served warm or cold...yum:lips:

I also make, about with the same ingredients, a peach tart. Amaretti soak up wonderfully the excess of juice from peaches! Unluckily, although not bad my tart has little to do with Nonna's tart:(

Other options are a peach/raspberry jam (more a kind of compote than a real jam) and one of my summer old faithfuls...yellow peaches blanched, peeled, sliced, flavoured with few sugar and plenty of lemon zest and served chilled, plain or with vanilla icecream.

Once I tried making a peach risotto. It was nice...better than I could imagine...but I can definitely live without it;)

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Pongi... like your style,,,, stuffed & baked peaches are fantastic particularly with mascrapone & vin santo..yum
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