Throw some ideas my way for an informal BBQ

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The women can get over it. Show up w/ your alginates, gums, and gelatins and sling out some cole-slaw pickle-dressing caviar on cabbage toast, and baked bean pasta
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Coleslaw cavier? How gouche! All the real chefs are doing charcoal infused BBQ sauce foams with brisket dust.*


Corn on the cob seasoned with butter and miso

*You know, I started writing this out as a joke, but after reading some molecular gastronomy blogs, they actually are using charcoal as an ingredient. I've seen it with spent lemon halves, chestnut shells, and apple cores. They are making it in their oven, but I'm guessing it's a matter of time before somebody invents an overpriced charcoal retort.
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All the real chefs are doing charcoal infused BBQ sauce foams with brisket dust.

Well, thanks a whole bunch, TinCook. Who's gonna clean the coffee off my monitor?  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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just stuffed and grilled some poblanos in mexico....rice, lentils, simple sauteed veggies, queso....cut off tops wide like a pumpkin top,removed seeds, stuffed, replaced tops and a twist and to have something smaller for guests to deal with,you could use halved anaheims with chorizo and shrimp (baked, not grilled),or jalapeno halves stuffed with chipotle cream cheese and bacon.. they are always fun!....chopped raw vegetable salad, roasted quinoa with lemon, xvoo and parsley (cold salad),curried israeli couscous salad simply with carrots, peas and celery. you can never go wrong with a platter of grilled vegetables...zucchini, yellow squash, red and orange peppers,onions etc. to me they are better at room temp drizzled with a balsamic wine redux,so you can grill them off earlier in the day....whatever you bring,just enjoy yourself...remember, its a party!


coupla others i like, even though you're loaded down with choices by now...caprese with baby fresh mozzarella, sweet cherry toms, basil pesto, baby spinach...greek orzo 'everything' salad...kalamatas, feta, s.d.toms, pine nuts, basil..just balsamic and hard and fast rules for it....its a whatever you got that goes together kinda salad
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Take the Guacamole suggestions and ramp it up just a bit. Real easy. Cook some medium shrimp, chill and cut in half lengthwise. Pack some round tortilla chips, some guac, the shrimp, some Cholula Sauce ( a flavorful hot sauce) and a couple limes and a platter. When you get to the BBQ, marinate the shrimp for about three minutes in plenty of lime juice and Cholula Sauce. Top the chips with Guac and a half marinated shrimp and serve on the platter. Easy...tasty!

In the picture I ganished with tomato concasse and white corn...
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For this type of get together we like to incorporate a gift into what we bring.  It could be Guac in a nice Mexican Bowl, Deviled eggs in a nice Deviled Egg Dish. The grilled corn with Corn Plates and holders. We don't go overboard on the gift and try to make it something they may no have. Kind of house warming.


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