Thoughts On New Concept In DC

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Hi All!

just found out about this thread and I think its awesome! I wanted to bring up a concept to get some feedback from chefs and potential customers...
I was thinking of using our commercial space to run a Chef Rotational Program- meaning, a new chef every other week coming in and making a set of dishes for their followers and intested parties. Because it may get challenging for an up and coming chef to test out their menu to the public, i htought it would be great for a place to come forward and give a chef a chance to have his meal tasted by others.
The Chef would essentially have 3-4 days out of the week to serve his dish and 'Run the kitchen' for the time period- It would be a great learning experience.
we would being the evening discussing the Chef, presenting his background, cuisine expertise, places he studied, and other facts. Then serve the meal and have them enjoy the night.

2 weeks later, we do the same this but with another chef and we go on from there...

What do you all think?
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Sounds good at first, but I would imagine it would be logistical nightmare. What industry is base business operation in? How large (seats) is dining area? Any BOH staff or chef working solo? Who pays for product? What happens with leftover product? Where is product coming from? Who gets sales for evening? Who is resonsible for taxes on sales? How would insurance (business and unemployment and workers comp) be impacted? Is servsafe management (or equivalent) required in your locale? Lots more questions.


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Makes me think of the pop-up restaurant model, which has seen success. Similar, but not the same.

My question would be, would you struggle to build brand loyalty with customers, as it is a new restaurant every week? Or is that exactly what will draw customers in, being excited to try a new place every month.

Interesting to think about.
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While the concept is interesting I agree that the logistics of it are very challenging. I'm not sure what you could do to maintain a steady flow of chefs good enough to bring business in, as I would assume a lot of those skilled workers would already be at a restaurant. Unless you are talking about basically renting out a venue for these people to host parties.
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Its a novel idea that I think would have a very limited life cycle, notwithstanding all the logistical issues. Under ideal circumstances, you could probably keep this idea afloat for a few months to a year in a single location. You may get more of a life out of making it mobile in the spirit of a pop-up sort of thing.

I think there are too many moving parts.
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