Thoughts on Food Network's "Foodies"

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    Little background about myself,

    Culinary Grad, 6 years experience, mostly Private C.C. with top chefs in world, now Executive Chef at restaurant for 1 year, and business is increasing, due to raising the bar on the food and service offered at the restaurant now.

    With increasing business, comes new clientele, and these new-comers are self-taught 'foodies' (how I hate that word) and act like they personally know how to get a more perfect sear on that scallop or that Medium Bistro Filet is 'not a true medium' (that thermometer read 145, so either your medium is the new standard or you don't know your meat temps).

    So chefs, what is your favorite 'foodie' experience?
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    I think this guy sums it up well:
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