Thoughts and Opinions on Naming a Business: All foodies, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by alisha nicole, Aug 20, 2012.

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    This is a bit of a polling scenario: just asking foodies of all formats to share thoughts and opinions on business names and ideas. Thanks for reading, friends. 

    If you were starting business in food, and wanted to give a non-specific food-related name to your LLC, how generic would you be? And what names would you warm to if you were looking to buy a product from an artisan food purveyor?

    Would something as simple as Lastname Handmade Foods LLC or Lastname Scratch Goods LLC seem like a solid brand name with room for expansion? Or do you find it too bland? Would it seem confusing as a consumer?

    And to name a DBA attached to the LLC something like The Ugly Truffle instead of Ugly Truffle, or Ugly Truffle Baked Goods-- does it make the business seem too much like a location? Would you find it confusing, as in, "Is that a place or a bakery or what?"

    This is in naming a business that sells pastries to local retailers and directly to consumers, but with a production location only.

    I would simply love to know the thoughts of opinions of all varieties of people into food, on a professional level or otherwise. 
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    IMHO, the name of the LLC is meaningless with regards to marketing, the DBA is far more important.

    Aside from the DBA registration (fictitious name filing), the LLC does not have to be even mentioned on the actual business.

    The LLC is a holding company, not an operating business.

    BTA, WTHDIK, I am neither an accountant nor a business law attorney
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    The llc's name is meaningless, your trade name or dba is what you will be known by,

    My llc name has nothing to do with food. In the last 12 yrs I have run a trucking company, a restaurant and now a food truck all under the same llc, with a dba for each.

     No one knows me by my llc's name, except the tax man, banker, insurance guy, etc.  See where I'm going with this?
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