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As stated in my introduction thread, I am a Filipino person. I am also a huge fan of oriental food. I was thinking about sharing my favorite way of making lumpias with you!

Here goes: I have always preferred the paper-thin egg roll wrappers to the thicker ones. When I was younger, I used to wrap my lumpias with water to seal them, but I just recently found out that if you seal them with beaten eggs, they taste even better.

I used to have ground beef as the meat filling in my earlier lumpias, but I have been experiementing with other meats lately. I have enjoyed pork and chicken as well. Brown that meat, drain it, and let it sit. In the meantime, you can chop up any kind of vegtable you would like in your filling, such as carrots, celery, onions, bean sprouts, etc. When you're done chopping these, add them to the meat, add some seasoning (such as salt and pepper), and cook until vegtables are tender.

Take this vegtable-and-meat mixture and lay out your eggroll wrappers in front of you on the table. Put the mixture in the middle of the wrappers and slowly fold first the right side over, then the left. Roll this up from the bottom and seal it with your beaten egg mixture.

When this is done, take a large frying pan and fry several eggrolls at once until slightly browned. Drain them in a strainer until ready to eat. I love serving them with fried rice and teriyaki sauce. Sometimes I also buy the Red Hot sauce and use that instead; it's even more tasty that way!

Hope you enjoy this!;)

By the way, for those of you who don't know and would like to, "Lumpia" is the Filipino word for eggroll.
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Hi Lumpia, and welcome!

I just had to make lumpias for a photo shoot this past Friday. Never having made them before, I was a little nervous. Boy, did they come out great. It puts the traditional egg roll to shame!

One question, do you think it would be possible to lower the fat and calories by sauteeing them in just a few spoonfuls of oil instead of the deep-fry method? I know they would not be as pretty, but it's just a thought.

The filling we used was made from ground chicken, carrots, water chestnuts, cilantro and soy sauce. Do you have any alternative seasoning suggestions?
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Hi, foodnfoto, nice to meet you! I am glad that your lumpias came out just fine. Judging from your name, I can sense that you are a photographer as well as a food person. Did you take pictures of the lumpias?

I have never used the deep-fry method for making lumpias; the traditional way of most Filipinos is to saute the rolls in just a little bit of oil in a skillet on the stove. From what my mother told me, this is the healthier way and is a good way to lower the fat and calories contained in the lumpias. As we know, oil and butter have quite a lot of fat in them! As a suggestion, if I were you, I would switch from cooking my lumpias in the deep fat fryer to cooking them in the skillet over the stove. They will be even more tasty if you do that! I have shown quite a number of friends here how to make lumpias the traditional Filipino way.

As for alternative seasonings, you could always try adding some sesame oil (yum!:lips: ), Oriental Five Spice, a bit of sesame seeds, and any of the oriental spices in the store which you like the best. Just let your imagination run! Good luck!
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Hi Lumpia. I'm a Filipina but raised in Canada. I make both fried and fresh lumpia regularly. The fresh version for those unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine is a very thin crepe filled with sauteed veggies and a little meat and served with a garlicky sauce and topped with a sprinkle of chopped peanuts.

As for foodnfoto's question about making the fried lumpia more healthy, I have successfully misted the lumpia with oil and baked them in the oven. The lumpia wrapper crisps up very nicely and bakes to a beautifully even golden colour. They also stay crisp longer than those fried in oil.
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Thanks for that information; I never thought of baking lumpias in the oven. I find your post very helpful and informative. How long should the lumpias stay in the oven when you're baking them, and what degree should the oven be on? Thanks in advance!

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