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    Hi, I was planning on doing some work today but got lead to this site and learned a whole lot of stuff about cooking.

    I am a night owl by nature and have been known to cook through the night without tire ending up with my best ever french onion soup by daybreak. Obsessed, yes of course!

    My passion for bbq came about after a trip to a little town in Kansas when I tasted my first true BBQ from a shack whose walls were pasted with awards.I have learned a great deal from reading Cooks Illustrated over the past few years. 

    Sharing ideas in a forum like this is awesome.

    A special thanks to the people who have put this all together.

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    Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk Andy.

    With over 50,000 + members you’ll be busy chatting, sharing and exchanging ideas with people from around the World, I think everyone here is very generous with their knowledge.

    The Articles, Reviews and the Galleries are pretty fab; the Search Bar at the top of the page can show you topics that have been discussed previously; you might want to watch the posting dates, as Chef Talk as been around for over 14 years.

    Once you’ve reviewed the Community Guidelines, Tutorials and the FAQ and you still have questions in regards to the website, feel free to post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Check out on Face Book as well as Pinterest.  Visit often and share in all things food.  Once again, welcome.
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